4 Best eCommerce Templates [Website Platforms]

eCommerce Website Templates

The is the time for eCommerce designing and development. Increasing numbers of web users encourages more individuals to do shopping online. When you go for shopping online, you will find hundreds of online shopping stores.

All are running on a particular platform. Due to the lack of technical knowledge, 90% of retailers have no idea that what platform needs to be used to open an online store. Even, they do not know in which environment an existing eCommerce store has been developed and running.

Two ways, one is to order small business merchant solutions, which will provide you the pre-designed e-commerce templates OR the other ways is to hire an eCommerce developer, which serve for you who will design and developed an entire store according to your budget and requirements.

Every store is said to be popular and gets acceptable only when it offers its users secure, easy and error-free ecommerce features to carry out all commercial activities, such as Shopping Cart, and Checkout modes should be outstanding at the performance level to conform to the users.

I am describing the best four-e-commerce website platforms and its main features; you can choose from to open an online store of your choice. However, apart from these 4, check out the 10 Pre-Designed Themes And Over 180 Pre-Built Stores (Fully Integrated With Shopify) by Zero Up.

Yahoo! Store eCommerce (Click Here)

Yahoo! The store has made their position strong in the list of all e-commerce based solutions providers. Moreover, it is more popular in top-level countries like USA and UK.

Yahoo! Store ensures to exchange the goods or services to their customers that they are receiving the strong security services. Retailers get the benefit of Yahoo’s strong network and maximum ROI for their efforts.

They provide 24/7 toll-free phone supports, facility to retailers to hold up to 50000 products at a time for sale. Hire Yahoo Store Developer and get all the Yahoo Merchant Solutions.

Magento eCommerce (Click Here)

Magento eCommerce is an open source platform, which is widely available and used the system within the e-commerce world. It can control multiple websites and stores from one administration panel with the ability to share as much or as little information as needed.

It provides flexible tax rate management with support for US and International markets, auto-generated sitemap for display on site, multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts, shopping cart with tax and shipping estimates, view, edit, create and fulfill orders from admin panel, print invoices and packing slips, email notifications of orders and many more existing features.

eBay eCommerce

eBay eCommerce is one of the more straight forward e-commerce channels throughout you can market your goods, however, knowing the right time and the right way to go about opening a store can be hard.

eBay Store Design has several attributes to ensure that when you open your eBay store, it will provide you with a boost in sales and be an advantage to your company.

Customized eCommerce

Customized eCommerce includes asp.net e-commerce, PHP e-commerce and Java e-commerce. You want some features to your store that are not available in any of the above e-commerce platforms; you can customize an entire store as per your requirement and budget in asp.net, PHP or Java.

10 Common Factors Best Email Marketing Templates Follow

Email marketing has made its way back from the grave upon the increase of social media traffic. By the end of 2017 it is predicted that email accounts worldwide will increase to a shocking 4.3 billion in the first quarter.

As a business tool, emailing is efficient and effective. A study suggest that it is 50 times more effective than gaining new clients over the most used social media tools.

Here you will find the common factors the most creative and best email marketing templates follow:

Flat Lay (Click Here)

Framing your content whether it be a photo or typography has been gaining popularity over the recent years. Use it in your email to gain advantage. This is achieved through the layering of various stylish items around a seemingly blank canvass. It would act as a nice visual frame for your text or photo.


Whether you are a retail-based write up company and are interested to have some products showcased through your email, one of the best ways to show this is by cutting down on type. This means to allow the images to speak for itself. Group together a single type of item, this would allow a wordless explanation of each piece.

Promote Urgency

Without too much words of course. Create a visual art that is simple but uses big bright colors and a simple text for the call to action. Be sure to use attention-grabbing colors, big vibrant fonts and a simple visual background that related to the message of your simple design..

Go with Minimalism

An email doesn’t need to have a lot of trinkets and whistles to be the most effective. As always, less is more. Bare the design of your email with a single image and a monochromatic color palette. This would allow for a more subtle but professional look. Adding a plain, black text to the mix and you would have gained a design worthy of praise.

Leadpages® Features – Landing Pages, Leads and Sales Tools

Be Subtle About it

Instead of getting there quickly, get there slowly but greatly. An indirect design would not reveal a product or a message yet but would drop hints as to what it is. Include a simple call to action and a witty catchphrase on a simple but eye-catching visual and this would surely get the reader thinking.

Pattern It Out

High-contrast patterns scream simple but loud with the right visual elements. The use of strong contrasts like black and white or vibrant yellow or turquoise attracts instant attention to the text of your visual without overdoing it. Think bold patterns that would attract a lot of attention.


Keep it simple, stupid. Big, bold letters, white background scream the call to action. Sometimes, you just don’t need visual imagery.


Keep your images and text on the right side of the see saw. Make a template which has visual elements equaling to the text element. This is a nice play on the eyes and wouldn’t be as loud to look at.

Crisp and Clean

A straightforward and clean layout that has a lot of spacing and organization equals to a well-balanced and clean design. It takes your reader through a fresh material that isn’t too overwhelming.

Keep It Fun

The best way to attract your reader’s eyes is to keep your content fun and original. Don’t try too hard but don’t be too lazy about it either. Keep your content fresh and relevant.

The Best WordPress Social Media Templates

In this fast-moving world, social media has become the ultimate equalizer giving a platform and voice to anyone willing to be a part of and engage it.

Now running a social media network can be a hustle but if you are dedicated enough to make it work out, your site platform will go through the roof in terms of leads.

At this point you can monetize it and target a specific niche that you know has good traffic. There is no better template to use with your social media network than WordPress. Now all you will require is your own domain WordPress hosting that you can get online for very low price.

Here are the Top 5 WordPress social media templates that you could use:

Boss 2.0

This template is perfectly integrated with BuddyPress and has amazing beautiful layouts to choose from. The layout area is very retina ready, flexible and 100% usable on any modern device.

This template has dozens of add-ons which increase the functionality of your social media platform. With a powerful yet easy to use admin panel and beautiful layouts, the possibilities of design are infinite.


This is another amazing template that is also integrated with BuddyPress which makes it social media accessible. The template has tons of layouts and categories that are compatible with cross-browser. The templates are installed with Ajax powered filtering options which increase its functionalities

The template also comes with a front-end social media login and set-up that gives easy access to your social media accounts.


This is personally one of my favorites. Divi has an advanced customization tool that allows the user to adjust fonts in CSS and JS files to tune up your site. This template is super-fast allowing you to create a thriving social media community in a short time.

Divi is a multilingual website that is protected by sucuri.net. The new update version of the software comes with additional Pro functionalities like Split testing.


This template is developed by the same developers of Divi which makes this one totally amazing too. With the possibility of creating a personal profile and owning a blog, this template is the most user friendly and is top notch.

Fitted with SEO optimization and secure code, content loads faster and work is done quicker and effectively. It also has an awesome ecommerce feature called WooCommerce that allows user to sell products online.


This template is very popular with hundreds of active buyers. The template includes a visual composer Drag and Drop page tool. The awesome addition plugin feature called sensei has made setting up e-learning courses or run online quizzes so much easier.

It comes with a free importer used for demo pages and sidekick tutorial pages that help out in the set-up process. Kleo has inbuilt login and register pages that is popular design used today. The intuitive and user-friendly Admin Panel presents visual and functional changes that do not require any form of coding.

Final Words

With these amazing and super awesome options of WordPress templates, your social networking experience will never be the same again. The templates are all versatile and offer a variety of more functionality options that I have not mentioned but will surely amaze you.

What is a Business Card and What is it Used for?

A business card is a card designed to bear business information.

The business card portrays the company’s essential details such as logo and contact information.

Essentially, the most crucial information contained in this card includes addresses, telephone numbers, emails and website links.

Apparently, business cards also inform clients about social media addresses such as Twitter, Facebook among others.

Business cards can be shared during workshops and business conferences to sensitize customers and stakeholders about products and services of a business.

Uses of a business card

A business card plays an important role in popularizing your business. Here are some desirable uses of a business card.

Promotes the business’ objectives

To ensure customers understand the purpose of your business, a business card is necessary. It can be used together with letterheads to inform clients about the area of specialization and the line of products they expect.

Its portability and elegant design can relay information about the vision and mission of the business to the intended group. For instance, an agricultural oriented business will include a logo with agricultural products while a law firm will take very professional perspective.

Relays contact details

A business card makes it easy for potential customers to reach your business. The card is designed specifically to relay contact information to clients. The major details that cannot miss in a business card include business name, physical address, email address, telephone numbers, and location.

The business card normally emphasizes on these details since they make the purchase of goods and services efficient. In addition, clients can get clarification about the business operations, availability of products as well as complaints.

Therefore, a business card ensures easy access to contact information.

Used to preserve memories about the business

After the first meeting with customers and stakeholders, a business card creates a good memory about your meeting. For example, if the card bears a photograph of the owner or an elegant image, it will be easy for customers and friends to remember you and your business.

In some cases, the back of the card is left blank so that customers can write important notes and details about the meeting. Therefore, a business card helps to preserve information about the meeting and the business.

Helps to make your business outstanding

In most cases, you may not be the only businessperson distributing cards for your products. Your competitors will be giving out their cards too. A smartly designed business card will outdo the rest is such a competitive atmosphere.

You can choose to use a unique and brilliant shape, color or design to leave your customers amazed. Therefore, a beautiful business card can mean amidst the unlimited number of competitors.

How to use business cards effectively?

No matter how effective the business card is designed, one must learn situations when the card can be celebrated and those when it can turn out to be an embarrassment. To use your business card effectively, consider the following.

Ensure unlimited availability of cards

To ensure effective use of cards, carry as many cards as possible with you. Also, ensure all your networking agencies have enough cards for distribution. In addition, take note of the supply of cards to ensure you do not run out of stock. This will ensure effective distribution of your business cards to maintain the consistency in supply.

Utilize every opportunity of exchanging cards

Having your cards with you is not enough since you need to deliver them to the prospective customers and clients. For instance, when you meet new persons in offices or meetings, never hesitate to give them the cards. Business meetings and trade exhibitions are also other venues where you should maximally deliver your cards. Similarly, you can deliver your cards to complementary business.

For example, if you deal with milk products, you can deliver your cards to sugar and beverage processors as well. Make use of international conferences by ensuring your cards are written in internationally recognized languages too.

Avail cards to distant clients

With the current online marketing trends, do not rely on hard copies only. Interact with distant clients by attaching copies of your cards in emails and social media and websites. Apart from soft copy cards, you can also deliver purchased items together with your business card.