10 Common Factors Best Email Marketing Templates Follow

Email marketing has made its way back from the grave upon the increase of social media traffic. By the end of 2017 it is predicted that email accounts worldwide will increase to a shocking 4.3 billion in the first quarter.

As a business tool, emailing is efficient and effective. A study suggest that it is 50 times more effective than gaining new clients over the most used social media tools.

Here you will find the common factors the most creative and best email marketing templates follow:

Flat Lay (Click Here)

Framing your content whether it be a photo or typography has been gaining popularity over the recent years. Use it in your email to gain advantage. This is achieved through the layering of various stylish items around a seemingly blank canvass. It would act as a nice visual frame for your text or photo.


Whether you are a retail-based write up company and are interested to have some products showcased through your email, one of the best ways to show this is by cutting down on type. This means to allow the images to speak for itself. Group together a single type of item, this would allow a wordless explanation of each piece.

Promote Urgency

Without too much words of course. Create a visual art that is simple but uses big bright colors and a simple text for the call to action. Be sure to use attention-grabbing colors, big vibrant fonts and a simple visual background that related to the message of your simple design..

Go with Minimalism

An email doesn’t need to have a lot of trinkets and whistles to be the most effective. As always, less is more. Bare the design of your email with a single image and a monochromatic color palette. This would allow for a more subtle but professional look. Adding a plain, black text to the mix and you would have gained a design worthy of praise.

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Be Subtle About it

Instead of getting there quickly, get there slowly but greatly. An indirect design would not reveal a product or a message yet but would drop hints as to what it is. Include a simple call to action and a witty catchphrase on a simple but eye-catching visual and this would surely get the reader thinking.

Pattern It Out

High-contrast patterns scream simple but loud with the right visual elements. The use of strong contrasts like black and white or vibrant yellow or turquoise attracts instant attention to the text of your visual without overdoing it. Think bold patterns that would attract a lot of attention.


Keep it simple, stupid. Big, bold letters, white background scream the call to action. Sometimes, you just don’t need visual imagery.


Keep your images and text on the right side of the see saw. Make a template which has visual elements equaling to the text element. This is a nice play on the eyes and wouldn’t be as loud to look at.

Crisp and Clean

A straightforward and clean layout that has a lot of spacing and organization equals to a well-balanced and clean design. It takes your reader through a fresh material that isn’t too overwhelming.

Keep It Fun

The best way to attract your reader’s eyes is to keep your content fun and original. Don’t try too hard but don’t be too lazy about it either. Keep your content fresh and relevant.

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